The 7 Best Road Bikes In Todays Market

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Top 7 Best Road Bikes:


  • Ideal for casual cycling, commuting, or racing
  • Incredibly comfortable handlebars, switch gears on-the-fly
  • Lightweight, yet durable
  • Reliable and stable performance


  • Doesn’t come fully assembled
  • No cup holder

We’re opening up with our top pick – the Windsor’s Wellington 2.0. In a nutshell, this is a perfect all-around solution for people who are looking for a durable, comfortable bike to have some fun, commute, or even race.

It packs a highly robust frame made of aluminum which can withstand a lot of abuse. Its saddle is positioned in such a manner that you’ll get the most out of it if you’re darting through at high speeds, otherwise, you might need to adjust it a bit for optimal comfort.

The handlebars on this bike are curved, providing perfect control and come supplied with easily accessible gear shifters. Speaking of which, the Wellington packs 21 selectable speeds.

This road bike features a set of huge wheels with relatively thin tires, which means that it was built to use at higher speeds. Controlling it might prove to be somewhat of an issue to inexperienced cyclists.

There are a couple of drawbacks surrounding the Wellington road bike. Firstly, it doesn’t feature a cup holder, which is not such a big deal, and secondly, it doesn’t come fully assembled. Even so, it rocks a substantial value for the money due to its well-rounded performance.

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  • Looks beautiful, comes in a variety of colors
  • Highly durable
  • Exceptionally comfortable to use
  • Certain parts are removable, making it easy to transport


  • Fixed bike, no selectable speeds

Next up is 6KU’s fixed Urban Track bike. It’s a fixed bike with features perfectly suited for travel and commuting.

First of all, the 6KU bike packs a double-butted alloy welding for reinforced durability. Even though it might appear as smallish and thin, it boasts a high level of sturdiness and was built to last.

The front and rear brakes are removable, and the same goes for the 32H flip-flop hub. This means that it’s somewhat portable, as you can pack it in pieces. Further on that note, assembling, as well as disassembling it is a breeze, although it might not be as transportable as the certain best folding bikes (insert link to /best-folding-bike/ here).

Additionally, the 6KU bike comes in several color options, including crisp white, shadow black, gloss white & black, matte black, navy blue & black, tennis ball yellow, and white & black. Though all of these variations look great, we recommend the ‘tennis ball yellow’ as it gives you the most visibility while on the road.

The saddle initially comes at a rather high position, although it’s easily adjustable. The bike is generally very comfortable to use, which makes it even better for riding on solid concrete. Now, the only thing people didn’t like as much about it is the fact that it’s a fixed bike, so riding uphill might be a bit more difficult in certain situations.

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  • Smooth shifting between speeds, 21-speed gearbox
  • 6061 frame made of lightweight aluminum
  • 25C Kenda tires
  • Looks pretty great


  • Doesn’t come fully assembled
  • Quite bulky, takes up a lot of storage space

The Hiland’s City Commuter is a big bike with big wheels, aluminum rims, and a superbly durable aluminum frame. It rocks Shimano derailleurs, SF 14-28 Cassette, a KMC Z6 chain, and a 38*48T crank. The overall dimensions of this bike measure 52.8 inches by 30 inches by 8.4 inches, so you might want to consider making some space ahead for storage.

It’s somewhat lighter than most road bikes, weighing 25.9 pounds, but even so, it’s as durable as they make them.

This bike features a 6061 aluminum frame, Shimano A050 shifters outfitted with a 21-speed gearbox. Additionally, it packs 25C Kenda tires that were tailor-made for road riding – they’re slim, light, but incredibly sturdy, providing the benefits of enhanced top speed without sacrificing control in turn.

Sadly, the City Commuter doesn’t come fully assembled (although the bulk of its construction is), so you might need to get your hands dirty a bit before you can use it. Be it as it may, it’s still one of the best road bikes in the price range since it’s versatile, very stable, and comes supplied with a bunch of premium-quality features.

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  • Exceptionally comfortable to use
  • Layered grips for additional comfort
  • All-steel construction, built to last
  • Superb for commuting and traveling


  • Only 8 speeds, which is still not terrible

Biria’s City Bike is a plain, old-fashioned commuter bicycle that is more than well-suited for road biking and traveling. It might not be as versatile as some of our earlier picks, but its simplicity is one of the biggest advantages.

First of all, it packs an all-steel construction, a highly durable frame, and the Unicrown fork. On top of that, it comes supplied with an 8-speed Shimano gearbox. That being said, this bike isn’t all that practical for racing or mountain bike cycling per se, but due to its sturdy construction and a bit larger wheels, it rolls up on concrete marvelously.

Furthermore, it rocks aluminum rims supplied with highly robust CNC walls, so you can rest assured that they won’t warp anytime soon.

The Biria City Bike comes outfitted with a genuinely comfortable saddle. Moreover, the handles are also layered with the same type of material for additional comfort. Overall, it’s a neat bike for traveling and commuting, but it’s best used within urban areas due to its slightly inferior versatility in terms of gear speeds.

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  • Built with a smaller, highly durable frame
  • Road-tuned, specifically designed for higher speed cycling
  • Looks amazing
  • Good suspension


  • Expensive

Schwinn is one of the bigger names in the bike industry, and here we are looking at their Fastback AL Claris road bike. In comparison to the simplicity of Biria’s City bike, this one feels incomparably different – it packs a smaller frame, a higher positioned seat, ‘fast’ handlebars, and a 16-speed gearbox.

The Fastback road bike was designed for people who prefer riding on adrenaline as opposed to leisurely taking their time commuting. Due to its heightened seat (which can, of course, be adjusted) and curved handlebars, there will be nothing stopping you from darting through roads and trails. It packs a decent suspension system, making it one of the best mountain bikes as well.

Overall, it’s a very fast bike with oversized wheels that will get you anywhere in a jiffy. It is quite expensive, but it rocks quite a value for the buck.

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  • Available in three color variations
  • Outfitted with premium Shimano gear
  • Built to last
  • Specifically tuned for road biking


  • Expensive

Here we’re looking at another Schwinn model, this time around it’s the Phocus Road Bike. This bike is substantially different from the Fastback as it packs the micro shift/brake combo integration, it’s made from different materials, and it’s slightly more versatile.

The Phocus Road bike measures 51 inches by 28 inches by 8 inches and weighs approximately 31 pounds. As a big, somewhat bike, it takes up quite a bit of space, so bear that in mind before you decide whether it can be useful to you or not.

This bike features the Shimano Claris 16-speed gearbox, but in comparison to our previous pick, shifting between gears feels slightly more natural. On top of that, it packs high-profile wall rims that are capable of enduring pretty much anything.

The Phocus road bike comes supplied with Promax dual-pivot road brakes which were specifically tuned to provide better responsiveness.

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  • Robust steel construction
  • Shimano derailleurs and shifts
  • Vitesse racing saddle
  • 700c high-performance tires
  • Highly responsive pedals


  • A huge bike; might put up problems when it comes to storage

The last road bike in our review is Generic’s 700c Men’s Kent RoadTech road bike. It’s a highly versatile bike with 21 speeds made from ultra-robust aluminum that can be used in practically all scenarios, from plain commuting, over casual cycling, to racing.

First of all, this might be the largest bike we’ve covered so far, with dimensions measuring 69 inches by 18 inches by 38 inches. It comes outfitted with highly responsive pedals and high-performance 700c tires that can take you through any kind of terrain.

One of the most distinguishable features of this road bike is that it comes supplied with the Vitesse racing saddle. It’s one of the most customizable seats you’ll find in the price range, so we can safely say that it’s also one of the most comfortable ones as well.

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What to look for in a road bike

There are plenty of road bikes on the market, and choosing the right one might be hard for beginners. A couple of factors you should consider include their design, durability, and gearbox, so let’s start from the top:


There are a couple of road bike types. Some are great for casual riding on the concrete (for instance, certain bikes are best suited for navigating through crowded urban areas), other types are great for racing, and there’s a type that is ideal for commuting and travel.

Race bikes usually come supplied with special angled handlebars and plenty of selectable speeds, whereas bikes that are perfect for commuting have enhanced suspension and a slightly longer fork.


A concrete road is in no way less dangerous than windy mountain trails, so durability is one of the biggest factors you should keep in mind. Additionally, road bikes are generally intended to be used at higher speeds, so picking a bike with a robust frame is necessary.

On a side note, road bikes are generally built from similar materials in comparison to other bike types – aluminum. Keep an eye open for bikes that come with reinforced rims too, it’s not just the frame that needs to be sturdy.


Regardless of whether you intend to race, commute, travel, or simply enjoy cycling with your road bike, having a gearbox to accommodate your ‘style’ always comes in handy. There are speed limits in virtually all populated areas, slopes, and steep hills, so having a bike with several speeds will allow you to adapt to practically any given situation.

On another hand, if a fixed-gear bike has all the other qualities, simply because it doesn’t allow you to switch speeds shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ‘road bike’?

Essentially, some people call road bikes ‘race bikes’ or ‘racers’, but that’s not necessarily true. Namely, road bikes got their name after the terrain they are designed for – (concrete) road. They’re substantially different from ‘mountain bikes’ in terms of design, and some would say that these two are opposites.

While mountain bikes rely on good suspension, a bulwark of a frame, and generally on stability, road bikes are designed to remain stable during higher speeds, that’s why they have a thinner frame that’s able to resist the wind pressure better.

How are the wheels of a road bike different from other types of bicycles?

The wheels of a road bike are generally bigger and outfitted with thinner tires, to provide the best traction possible. Additionally, these tires allow you to brake more efficiently.

The Verdict

Our top pick for today is Windsor’s Wellington 2.0. This lightweight bike is probably one of the most durable and versatile road bikes in the price range, not to mention that it packs a highly comfortable, easily customizable saddle and professional Shimano gear.