The 7 Best Mountain Bikes That You Can Buy

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Off-road cycling is one of the most thrilling hobbies you could have. Racing through landscapes filled with beautiful wildlife (and obstacles) is as therapeutic as it is dangerous without proper gear.

Just thinking about it makes us want to hit the road and never come back. That’s why we’ve handpicked the 7 best mountain bikes for you. Let’s dive right in!

Top 7 Best Mountain Bikes:​


  • Superior versatility and performance
  • Exceptional, exquisite features
  • Suitable for all purposes and terrains
  • Built to last


  • On the pricey side

Let’s open up our review of the best mountain bikes with Diamondback’s Artoz 3 mountain bike. Now, this particular model is one of the top-tier MTBs, even in its price range. So, if you’re looking for quality and don’t mind spending a small fortune, look no further.

First of all, this bike features a hand-built aluminium frame outfitted with a superior suspension system. Obstacles and bumps on the road are not even the slightest problem for the Artoz 3.

Additionally, the Artoz 3 packs a sealed cartridge, SRAM 11-speed gearbox, MT200 hydraulic brakes, and RockShox Recon 130mm travel fork. Putting it simply, this bike comes outfitted with incredibly versatile features, and it’s possibly one of the best touring bikes as well.

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  • Exceptional versatility, suitable for all terrains and purposes
  • Lightweight and highly robust aluminium alloy construction
  • All-around tires and wheels
  • Smooth suspension and switching between gears


  • Minor assembly required

The Max4Out Mountain Bike model is a perfect option for mountain bike enthusiasts who also like to commute every once in a while. It has a slightly smaller than average frame, a pair of medium-size tires, disc brakes, and a 21-speed gearbox.

Firstly, the suspension of Max4Out bike is pretty great. Although it won’t absorb the bumps as good as some of the other models in this review, it’s still pretty solid in this sphere of performance. Its brakes are also great, allowing you to halt your bike momentarily at any given time.

This bike comes outfitted with robust tires that are neither too big nor too small. This perk allows this bike to perform equally well wherever you intend to use it.

With a solid frame made of aluminium alloy, you can rest assured that this one will serve you for years to come. It was obviously built to last and can withstand plenty of abuse and punishment before you’ll notice as much as a dent.

It’s also able to support quite a lot of weight since its maximum capacity goes up to full 330 pounds. On the downside, it doesn’t come fully assembled. Even so, the plethora of benefits it brings to the table is more than enough to compensate for this little flaw.

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  • Great dual-suspension system
  • Gearbox with 21 speeds and smooth shifters
  • Comfortable, easy to adjust seat
  • Suitable for all kinds of terrains
  • Durable, tough aluminium frame
  • Bottle holder right below the seat


  • Doesn’t come fully assembled

Next up is Eurobike’s 21-speed mountain bike. Eurobike is one of the most famous bike manufacturers, and this particular model is one of their most well-rounded designs. It packs a dual suspension system, dual disc-brake system, a 21-speed gearbox with exceptionally smooth shifters, and a robust aluminium frame.

First of all, the suspension system this mountain bike comes supplied with is absolutely incredible. It helps eliminate the difference between casual concrete and bumpy trails, making this bike suitable for practically all sorts of purposes, from commuting, to hard-core off-road cycling.

There are only 21 speeds from which you can choose from, but switching between them feels very natural. You can wave goodbye all the stutters your previous bike presented you with when switching between gears.

On top of that, the seat is quite comfortable. It’s easy to adjust and it was contoured to provide a pleasurable experience. This really comes to show when you’re cycling across rough terrains.

The tires of Eurobike’s mountain bike are moderately big and fairly wide. Even though they’re suited for concrete and slope-like terrains, we suggest that you use this mountain bike for a bit more uneven terrains.

The only problem with Eurobike’s MTB is that it doesn’t come fully assembled, although you won’t need any kinds of special tools or skills to finish it up. In fact, it will only take a couple of minutes.

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  • Smooth gear shifting
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Superb disc brakes
  • Very comfortable saddle


  • Comes partially assembled
  • Relatively small tires

We’re looking at Zoyo’s Mountain bike model here. In a nutshell, this MTB is outfitted with a big frame and relatively small tires.

It packs 21 speed gearbox with incredibly smooth shifters, so it’s safe to say that you’ll be able to ride on any kind of terrain with ease. The Zoyo’s MTB also packs two reliable disc brakes with instant response, as well as an impeccable suspension system.

This mountain bike is made of lightweight aluminium material, which makes it a bit more compact, but it also lowers its maximum support. It can support up to 187 pounds of weight, so it’s basically perfect for teenagers and most adults.

The only bad thing about Zoyo’s mountain bike that it comes only partially assembled, so you’ll have to adjust certain pieces of hardware. The majority of the construction is on point, though.

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  • Superb suspension system
  • Dual disc-brake system
  • Supports up to 330 pounds of weight
  • Great gearbox and derailleurs
  • Durable aluminium frame


  • Huge tires, you might want to consider changing them to something a bit more versatile

Merax’s mountain bike is a perfect choice for both beginners and professionals. It comes outfitted with great features and rocks a robust construction, not to mention that its level of versatility is sky high.

First of all, the suspension of Merax’s mountain bike is incredibly smooth. It was specially designed to absorb hard bumps, which allows it to easily gap even the toughest obstacles. On top of that, it comes supplied with Shimano shifters which provide additional control. Moreover, it also packs a bottle holder for longer rides.

This bike features a 24-speed gearbox, reliable disc brakes, and it can support up to 330 pounds of weight. Overall, this mountain bike has a pretty impressive performance for the money as it offers plenty of control and versatility. Speaking of which, it’s so affordable that it’s almost cheap. If you’re looking for a decent entry-level MTB, this might be a perfect choice.

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  • Outfitted with premium quality Shimano hardware
  • Suitable for commuting, mountain bike riding, cross country cycling, and such
  • Highly reliable double-disk brake system
  • Tremendous value for the money


  • Quite heavy
  • No water bottle holder

Next up is Hiland’s 26-inch frame mountain bike. Basically, this bike is so versatile that it could easily pass for a ‘mountain bike’ a ‘commuter bike’ and even a ‘cross country bike’.

Apart from having an averagely sized frame made of quality aluminium, it features Shimano hardware, including the 100mm Fork, Prowheel crank, the EF500 gearbox shifters, TZ500 Tourney front derailleur, TY300 Tourney rear derailleur and 14-28T cassette.

In a nutshell, Shimano’s hardware is top-tier in the cycling industry, and all of the aforementioned pieces are extremely durable and reliable.

The only downside to this bike being so robust is that it weighs quite a lot. With approximately 32.8 pounds of weight, it’s pretty heavy and hard to transport unless you’re driving it.

On the plus side, it looks absolutely amazing. With an eye-candy such as this, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll catch the attention of your comrades (and whomever is passing by), which helps a lot while cycling in urban areas in terms of visibility.

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  • Highly robust aluminium frame
  • Big wheels and tires, great for all-terrain cycling
  • 24 selectable speeds
  • Exceptionally reliable dual-disc brake system
  • SRAM hardware


  • Doesn’t feature a water bottle holder

Let’s wrap it up with Diamondback’s Hardtail MTB. In all fairness, this is a perfect mountain bike for beginners, despite the fact that it costs a little bit more than average. It comes supplied with a ton of ultra-quality features, it’s incredibly reliable, and its level of versatility is incomparably superior in comparison to most other models in its price range.

First of all, it packs a robust frame made of aluminium which is sized just perfectly for a beginner. It packs two reliable disc brakes (one for each wheel) and 27.5-inch wheels outfitted with Kenda Nevegal premium-quality tires. Despite having a set of wheels that are slightly bigger than average, riding it feels quite natural.

Gapping obstacles and breaking also feel intuitive, even though that some people don’t find the saddle as overly comfortable because it’s positioned too high, even when it’s on the lowest setting possible.

The biggest benefit Diamondback’s Hardtail mountain bike provides is durability. It can be used on practically any kind of terrain and you won’t feel the suspension giving out or the frame warping anytime soon. On another hand, the only thing people don’t seem to particularly like about this bike is the fact that it doesn’t come outfitted with a bottle holder.

All things considered, it’s a great bike for beginners and experienced cyclists, it’s very reliable and sturdy, with the only downfall being that you’ll need to pack your water bottle instead of having it rest on the bike.

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What to look for in a mountain bike?


A mountain bike needs to be more durable than a regular bike – you will use it in harsher environments and its durability will be tested a bit more frequently. Most mountain bikes are built from this or that type of aluminium because it offers a perfect balance between durability and lightness.

Mountain bikes shouldn’t weigh too much – the more they weigh, the harder they will be to use when gapping obstacles or when driving uphill. That’s just another reason why you should mostly look for aluminium-made mountain bikes.

Suspension and brakes

What some of the best folding bikes and mountain bikes have in common is that they aim to provide as much stability to the cyclist as possible.

You’ll need absolute control when you’re using your mountain bike, especially since you already know that there will be plenty of rocks, leaves, and windy trails ahead of you. Overcoming these obstacles is only possible with proper suspension and brakes.

While the brakes allow you to control your speed and general movement, the suspension system controls your bike’s stability. If a bike doesn’t have a reliable suspension system, you’re basically in risk of injuring yourself. Rocks, leaves, and all kinds of wildlife will get in your way, and if you can’t control your bike, you should look for an upgrade with better suspension and brakes.

Tires and wheels

The wheels of a mountain bike are similar to regular bikes in terms of size whereas the tires resemble those of BMX bikes in terms of thickness. You’ll need a decent balance in order to avoid compromising speed for control or stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mountain bike?

Basically, a mountain bike is a type of bicycle which was specifically designed for off-road outdoor cycling. These bikes are relatively similar to the old-fashioned ‘standard’ bikes, but they’re substantially more durable and pack improved suspension and brake systems.

What’s the difference between a $200 and $2000 mountain bike?

Basically, budget MTBs are for recreational purposes – they have the features a mountain bike should have, but they’re not exactly as great as the ones top-tier models come supplied with.

The Verdict

At the end of the day the DiamondBack Artoz 3 wins the day. Even though it’s one of the most expensive options in our review, it’s one of the finest mountain bikes ever built and it excels in virtually all aspects of performance, with the only downside being that it costs a bit. In fact, it’s one of the best fixed gear bikes as well as one of the best mountain bikes in its price range.