The 7 Best Beach Cruiser Bikes

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There are cyclists who perceive their bikes as tools to stay fit or prepare for upcoming races, and there are those who simply like to cruise around and enjoy the landscapes and fresh air. If you include yourself in the latter group, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve scrounged the market for the best beach cruiser bikes we could find across several price point categories, and here’s the list of the finest models we’ve found.

Top 7 Best Beach Cruiser Bikes:​


  • Exceptionally versatile cruiser bike
  • Looks elegant and classy, comes in a variety of color options
  • Exquisite tires, suitable for all kinds of terrains
  • Very comfortable to use


  • Quite heavy

The first cruiser bike in our review is Firmstrong’s Bruiser – a wonderful and stylish cruiser for men. Even though it looks exquisite and classy as is, it comes in a variety of color options, including matte army green, matte black with green rims, black with red rims, grey, white, and yellow.
This particular model comes with only one speed, but 3 and 7-speed gearbox options are also available.

The Bruiser is 26-inch big and packs a 19-inch frame, although it’s also quite heavy, weighing roughly 44 pounds. It’s outfitted with ‘balloon’ tires that act like a suspension of sorts, cushioning potential bumps and making this bike usable on slightly rougher terrains.

Moreover, the seat of the Bruiser is significantly bigger than average, packed with two springs for additional stability and comfort. The bars are also covered with synthetic leather and filled with foam, so overall, The Bruiser is incredibly comfortable to ride however you put it.

In fact, this bike is also one of the best touring bikes (insert link to /best-touring-bike/ here) due to its excellent levels of comfort and versatility. There are no major drawbacks you should be aware of apart from the Bruiser’s weight.

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  • Exceptionally versatile cruiser bike
  • Looks elegant and classy, comes in a variety of color options
  • Exquisite tires, suitable for all kinds of terrains
  • Very comfortable to use


  • Quite heavy

If you’ve liked the Bruiser, you’re going to love the Urban Girl. Basically, this is a similar cruiser bike to one we’ve just reviewed – it comes from the same brand and packs similar features, only this one is better suited for girls, ladies, and women.

Just like the Bruiser, Urban Girl looks stunning and comes in several color options, such as baby blue, dark green, mint green, pink, white & mint green, and white with pink rims. It packs a 20-inch aluminium frame, balloon tires, and a pedal-backwards braking system.

With such a wonderful performance for the money, the Urban Girl is easily one of the best fixed gear bikes (insert link to /best-fixed-gear-bike/ here) available on the market.

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  • Highly durable, doesn’t weigh much
  • Very easy to use and control
  • Great comfort rating
  • Adjustable saddle for additional comfort
  • Pedal braking system


  • Requires minor assembly, although the company provides the necessary tools with the package

If you’re looking for a cruiser bike for your lady friend or significant other, the Murtisol cruiser is an excellent choice.

This bike features a classic curvy cruiser design complemented with a highly durable frame and a marvellous paintjob. It’s incredibly easy to use, or even for learning purposes as it packs only one speed and pedal braking system.

The saddle is pretty positioned pretty high up, but it can be adjusted in mere minutes. The Murtisol’s cruiser also comes in two color variants – pink and blue.

Even though there are plenty of benefits this cruiser bike brings to the table, the thing most people don’t like about it as much is that you’ll need to assemble most of it upon its arrival. On the brighter side, the company has pitched in all the necessary tools.

In conclusion, the Murtisol cruiser bike is absolutely perfect for girls that haven’t yet mastered bike riding skills, for ladies that want to cruise with style, and for women that are looking for a plain, straightforward bike that won’t let them down.

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  • Heavy-duty aluminium construction
  • Equipped with a cup holder
  • 7-speed Shimano gearbox
  • Durable rims and reliable brakes


  • Minimal suspension due to the design of the fork

Next up is Margaritaville’s Women’s cruiser bike. The first thing most people notice about it is its absolutely adorable design and paintjob. It’s adorned with colourful summer-like graphics and there’s a toy parrot keeping watch on the bars. Apart from looking cute, Margaritaville’s cruiser bike actually performs amazingly well for the buck.

This cruiser is a 26-inch bike outfitted with a heavy-duty aluminium frame, a 7-speed gearbox, and a highly comfortable saddle. There are two brakes onboard, one for each wheel, as well as 36-alloy rims that will keep most of the sand, dirt, and debris away from you and your bike.

On top of that, this beach cruiser bike also features a cup holder which can accommodate your drinks as you’re cycling.

Basically, this is a great all-around solution for anyone who’s looking for a decent cruiser bike. It has both wheels covered with both quality rims and brakes, it’s fairly durable, and it looks stunning, to say the very least. The only downfall is that the fork doesn’t necessarily provide too much suspension, so you should avoid bumpy terrains when possible.

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  • Looks amazing
  • Great stability and control
  • Three-speed gearbox
  • Lightweight and anti-rusting aluminium construction


  • Only one brake (rear wheel)
  • Minor assembly required

The Fito’s cruiser bike is a neat little unisex bicycle which is ideally suited for cruising down by the beach at sunsets. It weighs only 32 pounds, it packs a 26-inch aluminium frame, and it can support up to 200 pounds.

This bike was coated with anti-rusting spray finish, which helps out a lot in terms of storage as you can keep it basically anywhere. Its wheels are pretty big and tires somewhat thinner than average, which results in a perfect balance between stability and speed.

It packs a three-speed gearbox and a back brake, but sadly there’s no way to completely halt the bike, you can merely slow it down gradually.

One thing that most people don’t like about Fito’s beach cruiser bike is the fact that it doesn’t come fully assembled. You’ll need to plug in the front wheel, the handle bars, the seat, and the pedals on your own. On the plus side, the entire process can be done in mere minutes with the simplest tools.

Overall, the Fito’s beach cruiser does a huge bang for the buck. It looks very trendy, it’s exceptionally durable, and it packs a reliable brake system. It’s also slightly more versatile than most similarly priced cruiser bikes.

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  • Easy braking with pedal-brake system
  • A big bike with a lot of durability
  • Exquisitely comfortable custom built saddle


  • Only one speed
  • Heats up faster than average during the day (due to its black paintjob)

The Genesis’ Onyx cruiser bike is a big, robust bike with plenty of amazing features. It measures 75 inches in length, 29.5 inches in width, and 47 inches in height, and it’s possibly the largest cruiser in our review.

Obviously, many people would find its size as unwieldy in terms of it being a bit more difficult to transport from place to place or even storage, but there are plenty of benefits to it as well.

First and most notably, this bike’s speed mostly relies on how much effort you put into it since there are no gear shifters or selectable speeds altogether. Being a bit heavier and bigger means that you might need to initially put some back into it, but controlling it is a breeze.

Furthermore, it was built from exceptionally robust materials, allowing it to survive years and years of use without showing as much as a dent or a crack.

On a side note, it looks absolutely amazing due to its elegant Onyx paintjob. The all-black design, however, will make it heat up relatively easy for cycling during the mid-day.

The Genesis’ Onyx cruiser is also outfitted with a custom made saddle which was specifically designed to provide as much comfort as possible. It’s easy to adjust and feels very gentle, yet firm enough to provide adequate support to your back.

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  • Uniquely shaped frame
  • Exceptionally durable construction
  • Big wheels with medium-thick tires
  • Comfortable saddle, easy to adjust


  • No selectable speeds (1-speed wheel)

Let’s close up our review of the best beach cruiser bikes with Kent International’s 26-inch Kiawah cruiser. This is a simple, relatively cheap bike that works like a charm for casual rides, travelling, and commuting.

The Kiawah features 26-inch diameter wheels with medium-thick tires. Smaller obstacles and somewhat rougher terrains won’t be a problem for you.

What really sets the Kiawah apart from other bikes is the design of its frame. The curved rails look exquisite and they complement the bike’s geometry perfectly. However, this particular feature is mostly aesthetic in nature.

This beach cruiser is made of ultra-durable aluminium alloy material. It’s incredibly sturdy, but it also weighs quite a bit (39 pounds, to be precise). It rocks a single-speed chain-wheel, which people who like to change their cycling pace from time to time might not like too much.

Some might consider the lack of brake handles as a downfall, but this beach cruiser packs a pedal-based brake system (simply pedal in the opposite direction to brake).

Lastly, the Kiawah comes supplied with semi-transparent reflectors which significantly increase your visibility while you’re riding.

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What to look for in a beach cruiser bike?


The first thing you should be looking for in a beach cruiser bike is comfort. If you’re on the market for fast, controllable bikes that can gap any obstacles and be used in any kind of terrain, you’re looking for the best mountain bikes.

On another hand, if you simply wish to cruise by the beach and enjoy the moment, comfort is the first thing that needs to check out.

Gear shifters

In most cases, you can make do with a single-speed cruiser, unless you intend to ride your bike up and down slope-like terrains. If you don’t wish to haul your cruiser halfway to the beach (and back home), you might want to consider a bike with several speeds so that you can ride it even uphill.


Cruiser bikes are designed a bit differently than normal bikes, which is all the more reason why you’ll need a durable one. Namely, cruiser bikes have extended, curved frames which are prone to warping if damaged. Even though they’re mostly made of aluminium material, consider durability to be one of the main aspects of a cruiser bike’s performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a cruiser bike different from a regular bicycle?

In essence, the only changes revolve around the design. Cruiser bikes typically have a differently designed frame and don’t come with a gearbox (which makes them similar to fixed gear bikes). Apart from that, they usually have U-shaped handlebars and have features oriented around providing comfort.

Are cruiser bikes suited for beginners?

Cruiser bikes are actually perfect for beginners. Normally you won’t be able to reach dangerous speeds with a cruiser, they’re outfitted with simple braking systems (pedal-brakes in most cases), and they’re built in such a way that they’re perfect as learning tools.

The Verdict

In all fairness, all the bikes we’ve handpicked are absolutely great. However, Firmstrong’s Bruiser seems to perform a bit better than most.

It looks absolutely unique and classy, it’s more durable than most similarly priced models, and it packs balloon tires which provide enhanced cushioning to the shock-absorbing system of the bike.

On top of that, it comes supplied with a dual-spring adjustable oversized seat and wide handlebars. There are so many benefits this beach cruiser bike brings to the table while there are maybe only a couple of things you won’t like as much (such as its weight).